Putting radio back on the PR radar

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In this age of all things digital, it can be easy to get lost in the intangible depths of digital promotion: email shots, PPC, SEO and blog posts, where content is seen but not heard. If you’re lucky. With the focus of PR and content marketing activities all being pushed into digital channels, what of the good old-fashioned media?

The power of the spoken word is a powerful channel that may get undervalued in comparison to new-fangled media – but don’t let it fall off your PR radar. Here at Mojo we had the privilege of securing a slot on BBC Radio London for a client, London Vet Specialists, a coup for all involved.

London Vet Specialists have truly filled a niche and achieved a first in London: a veterinary referral centre and emergency service for the capital’s pets. It’s hard to believe that until now, owners have had to travel outside the M25 to get advanced care and surgery for their pets.

So this is a story that goes way beyond the specialist press and touches Londoners and beyond, which is why it appealed to BBC London’s Jo Good, who snapped it up for her regular Barking Hour show http://bbc.in/1mcGwHY.

Janet Kovack McClaren, senior surgeon at the centre, chatted with Jo and co-presenter Anna Webb for nearly 10 minutes, stirring up genuine excitement for the phone-in afterwards. Sometimes there is no substitute for the human voice to get a message across when there is a genuine story to tell. It provides the perfect food for presenters and nourishment for the fledgling organisation concerned.